Clarity for confused Founders.

Confused Founders and Rebranding Entrepreneurs!
What does your business stand for? What positioning do you need for your business to stand for? Laderscnb will craft brand strategy and copywriting for your business, so you have the clarity you need to ace your business goals.

Branding for Entrepreneurs and C-Suites.

Founders, Entrepreneurs and C-suites!
What do you stand for? What image do you want to project of yourself? Leaderscnb will do your personal branding for you.

Some of the Amazing Clients I’ve Worked With


Conecting humans to your idea.

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Brand Strategy

What is your brand?

Personal Branding

Who are you?

Brand Copywriting

The Art of selling.

Kalsoom A.

Founder and Solepreneur of Leaderscnb

“A lot of people feel hesitant to practically start or expand their business because they don’t know what their business stands for and what they stand for.

Leaderscnb is an effort to provide them with that clarity and branding they need to have the courage to ace their entrepreneurship.”

About Me

I Will Help You craft brand strategy and shape your personal branding with Words & Concept.

I’m Kalsoom A. I found this business last year when I couldn’t see clearly my business’s positioning and also didn’t know how I should brand myself. At that point, I recognized how a lot of founders, entrepreneurs, and c-suite exectives struggle with that.
Thus, “Leaderscnb” came into being to craft you brand strategy and shape your personal branding.

I had the idea of the business, but crafting a name was hectic, I brainstormed a lot but it’s all worth it at the end. See “Leaderscnb”, it clearly does show the elegance. Now, I brainstorm various business names, and you can buy them here at Leaderscnb by availing their domains.

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IE Business School – Brand Strategy and Identity

California Institute of Arts – Graphic Design


University of London – Brand Management

University of Pennsylvania – Design: Creation of Artifacts in society

University of Virginia – Personal Branding

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign – Building iconic b